Fujitsu partners embrace new ScanSnap iX1500

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Fujitsu sub-division PFU has just unveiled the new ScanSnap iX1500, a new addition to its personal document scanner range. The device is targeted at personal, home office and SMB users, and Fujitsu channel partners have warmly welcomed the new device.

Designed around ease of use, the iX1500 allows multiple users to create their own pre-set scan tasks, such as automatically uploading scanned documents to CRM systems or spreadsheets, and even automatically totalling up the values of scanned receipts.

“From what I've seen so far, it's a fantastic product, said Dean Atkinson, managing director at The Document Management Group. “What I've been really impressed with, I've got to be honest with you, is the software that now comes with it as well, and some of the features that can be offered to customers. Along with the traditional scanner, the software that used to be there was a bit limited, but now, it's got quite a lot of features. It's an ideal entry model into that product range.”

“I would imagine that this is for departmental use within offices, as opposed to having a workgroup scanner, where you've got one big scanner which looks after a number of staff. The possibility of being able to have this for a small group of staff who've all got their own individual profiles, can set up predefined settings and walk up - it's just the comfort and the ease of being able to use it.”

Atkinson told Channel Pro that his company has already received at least one pre-order for the new device. He said that while it could be sold as part of a wider solutions package, the bigger market will likely be for the unit as a standalone device.

“This particular model I believe has enough features on it - at this price range - to be able to sell it on its own merit, because the software with it is very good. Obviously, you can attach it to an enterprise system, but it's certainly got enough features.”

Peter Lunn, senior category manager for distributor Tech Data's print division, was similarly effusive.

“It's a really exciting scanner. As a distributor, the iX500 and the product that came before it have been our top-selling consumer scanners and the extra functionality on these is really, really nice; the cloud scanning and the multiple users and profiles. Not just for home, but for small offices as well. We expect it to be a big, big success.”

“We sell quite a few other scanner vendors as well, and nobody's come out with anything that's quite as fully-functional in the consumer space.”

Lunn pointed to regulatory changes such as GDPR and the Making Tax Digital initiatives as key investment drivers for SMBs looking to spend more on scanning solutions.

“For the small business that wants to - well, probably has to - be looking at scanning solutions, with the GDPR, where they need to keep that workflow and document flow and keep all the records behind it - the software suite works really well for that kind of stuff,” he said.

This sentiment was echoed by Emma Filmer, business development manager for the document solutions division of Midwich.

“As we're finding in distribution, more and more of the smaller organisations are looking for low-cost compact scanners to be able to cope with digitisation of all their documents, with all the GDPR stuff coming in and everything,” she told Channel Pro. “[The iX1500] seems really easy to understand, the software's had an upgrade from the standard ScanSnap suite, so I would say that makes it more user-friendly.”

Filmer also noted that many customers are also looking at standalone document scanners to bolster their existing print solutions portfolios.

“We're finding with a lot of customers that there's a place for a multi-function device, there's a place for a network scanner or shared device, and there's a place for a dedicated document scanner within the business. We're finding a lot of the multifunctional cousins looking at ways where they can complement their product range, but also where they're selling managed print services contracts.”

“Let's say customers are spending £20-£30 a month on leasing contracts but the scan functionality on the multifuntion devices isn't up to scratch or it's breaking down, it's costing them money to send engineers out,” she said. “People are looking at dedicated network-shared devices such as this to provide support value, and it takes away the risk factor of eating into their revenue.”

The ScanSnap iX1500 will be available within the next few weeks, with a list price of £509.

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