Krome Technologies boosts Ninja Theory's network infrastructure

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Dell EMC reseller Krome Technologies has provided Cambridge-based developer Ninja Theory with the infrastructure to increase its network speeds, boosting productivity, speed of delivery and maintenance management.

Ninja Theory said it required Krome's help to implement a new network that would enables its developers to use huge workloads - some builds of up to 75GB - without disrupting the day-to-day business.

Using the company's legacy infrastructure was not powerful enough for modern-day working, Ninja Theory's IT manager Chris Belton said. The slow running of its existing network was having a knock-on impact on the company's reputation and profitability, leading im to seek out new options.

“We approached several vendors, but only Krome could deliver the capabilities we needed at an affordable cost, Belton said.

Krome implemented a solution based around Dell EMC Active Fabric to help reduce latency, increase network throughput and offer a scalable solution that was future-proofed. The new network was switched on over the weekend to minimise downtime and by Monday morning, it had already made a noticeable difference.

"Our employees came in on Monday morning and were amazed at how quickly they could download material," Belton added. "Overnight, the new infrastructure had removed the bottlenecks that were threatening to derail production.”

Speed of service isn't the only benefit to the organisation. He said that it's much easier to manage maintenance of the system too using Krome's software console.

"Because every floor-port is fully patched and labelled, we no longer have to do any cable or physical patch management – everything is managed through the server," Belton added. "Finally, it’s more capable and approximately half the cost of the technology proposed by our incumbent network provider.”

“Enterprises need to keep pace with the huge growth in data and the increasing complexity of software applications,” said Rupert Mills, Managing Director, Krome Technologies. “The demands on businesses today mean that high network throughput is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’ but rather a necessity to ensure that operations are not stymied by bottlenecks in the workflow.

“Businesses like Ninja Theory that take charge of their infrastructure and align them with their operational needs will be best placed to seize the advantage over their competitors.”

Clare Hopping
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