Exertis snaps up storage distie Hypertec to boost portfolio

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UK distributor and service provider Exertis has announced that it will be acquiring fellow UK distributor Hypertec for an undisclosed sum.

Exertis, which specialises in supply chain and route-to-market services and e-commerce, is one of the UK's biggest disties, recording a global turnover of more than £2 billion in 2017.

As well as distributing third-party computer hardware products, components and accessories, Hypertec also has its own portfolio, with 400 customers and sales in excess of £20 million in 2017. The company's focus is predominantly in memory, storage, peripherals, assistive technology and security, and Exteris is hoping that Hypertec's portfolio will bolster its offering as customers tighten their belts.

"Hypertec has an excellent track record in the industry and has built strong relationships with its customer base and vendor partners by delivering excellent product supply, service and support," said Paul Bryan, MD of Exertis UK.

"Their own brand product and technology portfolio are in increasing demand in today's economic environment as users look to extend the life or improve the performance of computing devices and resellers attach accessories to add margin to their sales. We look forward to welcoming the Hypertec team to the Exertis family and continuing their impressive growth."

"With Exertis's resources and appetite for growth across a variety of technologies and geographies, this presents a great opportunity to increase our business with existing and new customers, and to build relationships with new vendor partners," said Hypertec MD Lianne Denness, who also outlined a potentially big change to the way it supports partners, saying: "It also provides the chance to support Hypertec's existing reseller partners on a more pan-European basis with a one-stop solution."

Hypertec is based in Berkshire, with more than 50 employees operating out of its headquarters. Exteris has not indicated that the acquisition will result in any layoffs.

Adam Shepherd

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