Gareth Bray to manage server and storage division for Exertis Micro-P

Mockup image depicting a CIO leading a team of business leaders
(Image credit: Shutterstock)

As part of Exertis Micro P’s ongoing investment in its server and storage division, the broadliner has recently increased its sales team from eight to 12 and appointed Gareth Bray as its general manager.

Bray’s new promotion will require playing a central role in managing the ongoing expansion of the business unit, as well as ensuring channel partner’s needs continue to be met.

According to Daniel Lenan, head of commercial, Exertis Micro-P, the expansion of the server and storage division is a result of demand from its resellers for its range of services and solutions.

“The expansion of the team will enable us to focus specifically on growing and developing relationships with the key server and storage manufacturers, while also ensuring knowledge and information flows consistently between them and our partners,” he adds.


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