machine learning

machine learningwhitepaper

Enabling enterprise machine and deep learning with intelligent storage

The power of AI can only be realised through efficient and performant delivery of data
2 Mar 2020

Facebook will pay for user data to boost speech recognition technology

The company’s days of reviewing voice messages without consent may be over
21 Feb 2020
cyber security

McAfee researchers trick Tesla autopilot with a strip of tape

The hack caused Tesla’s 2016 Model X to speed fifty miles per hour faster than intended
21 Feb 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

Bee-based AI software could power next-generation drones

Researchers at the University of Sheffield have generated an AI buzz by looking at how bees navigate
17 Feb 2020
machine learning

Microsoft unveils 'largest ever' AI natural language model

T-NLG has over twice as many parameters as Nvidia’s MegatronLM
11 Feb 2020
machine learning

German football league picks AWS to score with real-time data

The Bundesliga to build an NFL-style statistical platform with AWS machine learning and analytics services
14 Jan 2020
machine learning

Warner Bros turns to AI to greenlight movies

Hollywood to use machine learning to spot the good, the bad and the ugly at the box office
9 Jan 2020
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS ramps up SageMaker tools at Re:Invent

Cloud giant loads more capabilities into its machine learning hub with AWS SageMaker Studio
4 Dec 2019

How AI and machine learning can simplify your digital transformation

We look at how financial services can benefit from advances in AI technology
26 Nov 2019
machine learningwhitepaper

Fraud detection in healthcare

A step-by-step guide to incorporating machine learning
15 Nov 2019
AWS Dublin
machine learning

AWS launches data-sharing hub for machine learning projects

The AWS Data Exchange contains over 1,000 free and paid data products
14 Nov 2019
Apple Card
artificial intelligence (AI)

Apple co-founder Wozniak echoes sexist Apple Card allegation

Consumers claim Apple credit limits are ten times larger for men
11 Nov 2019
Google HQ
machine learning

Google tool teaches machine learning to six-year-olds

Teachable Machine 2.0 is an unintimidating no-code platform that eases kids into understanding machine learning
8 Nov 2019
Drone flying at a jonty angle

Police Scotland deploys drone fleet to find missing people

The emergency services outfit is the latest to adopt the unmanned aerial technology to help with rescue missions
4 Nov 2019
Marketing & comms

Twitter bans political advertising from its platform

CEO says AI-based micro-targeting and misinformation are threats to civil discourse
31 Oct 2019
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machine learning

Automated software proves faulty for councils

Local authorities are dropping machine learning systems meant to save them money
17 Oct 2019
Big data mockup

Nvidia, KCL unveil privacy-focused federated learning model

The new model is said to help solve one of the most fundamental issues relating to the sharing of private data
14 Oct 2019
Image depicting facial recognition
Policy & legislation

California bans police use of facial recognition until 2030

California sets a precedent for facial recognition and biometric tech use in law enforcement
10 Oct 2019
Policy & legislation

US blacklists Chinese surveillance firms over Uyghur abuse

The US stops trade with 28 entities which targeted Uyghur Muslims with AI surveillance tech
8 Oct 2019
chief information officer (CIO)

AI the most critical technology for CIOs in the next 5 years

60% of CIOs believe artificial intelligence and machine learning are the top critical future technologies
8 Oct 2019
machine learning

Automating the end of discrimination

Tech tools such as AI and bots can help improve equality, but only if we humans build and use them the right way
8 Oct 2019

‘AI benefits’ slipping away from UK businesses

Most firms don’t feel AI will improve performance, and that socioeconomic conditions aren't right
1 Oct 2019
Business strategy

Machine learning vs AI

These two terms are often used interchangeably, but they are fundamentally different technologies
28 Sep 2019