Poly adds new Microsoft Teams-certified Bluetooth headset

Poly, formerly known as Plantronics and Polycom, a global communications company powering meaningful connection and collaboration among teams, has announced the release of the Voyager 4245 Office headset. This new Bluetooth headset comes equipped with a Microsoft Teams-enabled option, further expanding upon Poly's comprehensive lineup of Teams-enabled headsets and devices.

Poly offers Microsoft Teams users no shortage of headsets and personal speakerphone devices. With 15 Microsoft Teams-certified headsets and personal speakerphone devices comprising its lineup, Poly offers users a myriad of corded and portable options to choose from.

The Poly Voyager 4245 Office joins Poly’s lineup of Microsoft Teams-certified headsets and will be available in the U.S. in May 2020. This all-new headset provides users with the ultimate in wireless connectivity, ease of use and audio quality.

It comes equipped with features to please even the most intensive of phone users, including a swappable battery for unlimited talk time, three-way connectivity and a version with a dedicated Teams button.

"Now more than ever, the role that clear, intelligible voice communication plays in our work experiences is rapidly evolving," said Christine Roberts, senior VP and general manager of Enterprise Headsets at Poly. "Poly's high-quality audio integrated with Microsoft Teams enhances our ability to effortlessly communicate with our colleagues and customers around the world. The Voyager 4245 Office joins our comprehensive Teams-certified portfolio as part of our long-lasting partnership with Microsoft to enable user productivity from anywhere."

Thousands of industry-leading organizations have used Microsoft Teams to stay connected and engaged with their workforce since its inception. With more than 44 million daily active users, Microsoft Teams is committed to enabling organizations and individuals to remain productive and connected, particularly in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

As for Poly? The company will continue to create Teams-enabled devices that deliver powerful video and conferencing capabilities, making communication in and out of the workplace a breeze.