Equifax introduces the Response DIGITAL solution suite

Today, Equifax announced its new Response DIGITAL solution suite, which will help businesses create and maintain effective customer relationships in a socially distanced society. Built with the understanding that the coronavirus will have a long-lasting impact on customer experiences, the Response DIGITAL suite provides business with a slew of digital marketing, identity trust and fraud prevention solutions required for e-commerce.

By using the Response DIGITAL solution, businesses will be able to facilitate online payments, whether they are related to new purchases or prepayments. The suite will also enable businesses to verify a customer’s identity, ensuring a customer’s information can be accurately collected online when opening a new account, applying for a credit card or loan, or filing an insurance claim.

"Improving online business presence has become a requirement of the social-distancing economy," said Sid Singh, president of United States Information Solutions at Equifax. "Bank branch offices, car dealerships and brick and mortar businesses of many types may take time to reopen as the COVID-19 situation continues to unfold. At the same time, consumers and small businesses are online and looking for the same type of service and support that they received in face-to-face interactions. With Response DIGITAL, we are helping businesses of all sizes prepare to both maintain and grow customer relationships in a digital environment while helping them to fight online fraud."

At a time when many organizations face reduced marketing budgets, Equifax has also teamed up with The Kessler Group to help companies get a jumpstart on acquiring new accounts. By including a selection of customizable marketing and funding solutions within the suite, Response DIGITAL can help companies revitalize marketing efforts and accelerate growth.

The Response DIGITAL solution suite is available now.