JPL Telecom and BNS Distribution join forces in distribution partnership

Headset with phone

BNS Distribution has teamed up with JPL Telecom in a distribution deal that will bring JPL’s range of world-class headsets to channel partners across the UK.

The headsets deliver high-quality audio standards straight “out of the box” and include advanced noise cancellation through Surround Shield technology, with some models also boasting a number of patented “design industry firsts”.

The collaboration follows a previous announcement back in March that revealed JPL’s headsets to be fully compatible with IP communications firm Grandstream’s portfolio of IP phones.

Testing at the time revealed that a number of both wired and wireless headsets can be seamlessly integrated with Grandstream’s GXP2100 high-end series of IP devices, as well as its GXP1700 mid-range phones, GPX1600 Basic series and the GXV3200 IP video phone for Android.

As the primary distributor of Grandstream products in the UK, BNS said the new partnership means its customers can now utilise the high audio quality of JPL’s headsets with their existing IP phones.

“We are excited to partner with JPL Telecom to allow users of Grandstream phones to take advantage of their world-class headsets that offer superior audio quality and hands free functionality,” said Lee Sinclair, director at BNS Distribution Ltd.

“We are also very impressed with JPL’s ability to offer superior noise cancellation for the microphone send sound and their innovative industry firsts. Users should be able to have and almost ‘face to face’ like quality conversation without sound distractions from the speakers of microphone.”

JPL Telecom founder and CEO James Clarke also said that BNS customers will also be able to get their hands on a number of additional products that are set to be released later this year.

“Our partnership with BNS Distribution is part of a growing commitment and support to our partners in the telecoms and UC channel," he said. “JPL Telecom is also releasing more new products throughout 2018 – a new wireless DECT headset with four patent pending designs, a new concept design, more USB headsets and complimentary accessories.”

JPL headsets are available now via BNS Distribution in the UK.

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