Best Android email apps

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The stock email app on Android is all well and good but may not be to everyone's tastes.

But don't worry: developers have created countless other email apps that claim to do a much better job of helping you sift from thousands of messages on the quest to reach inbox zero.

Which email apps are best for making you more productive? Which will help you prioritise your day better? We run down a list of the ten best and most popular email apps for Android in 2015.

1 - Gmail

Download Gmail here

Description: Google's official email app may not have the whistles and bells of other apps, but if you are Gmail user this is one to have.

Price: Free

Details: While it doesn't sport as many features as other email apps on the list, this has one of the most powerful search features (you wouldn't expect any less), great notifications and an interface that takes design cues from the web app and Google's Material Design ethos.

The business case: The use of primary colours should make it easy and intuitive to use.

2 - Microsoft Outlook

Download Outlook here

Description: Microsoft's official email app arranges messages according to what's most important to you.

Price: Free

Details: Outlook is Microsoft's email app for Android. It combines contacts, email and calendars all in one app. It goes through your messages determining which are most important, putting other emails into a separate folder to look at later. The app can also schedule meetings, set reminders, attach files and much besides.

The business case: If you find yourself missing messages because of a cluttered inbox, this app can help filter out the unnecessary and pull out what's most important.

3 - Mailbox

Download Mailbox here

Description: Mailbox is Dropbox's email client and one of the first to feature swipe gestures

Price: Free

Details: Mailbox was bought by Dropbox a few years ago and was one of the first email clients on a smartphone to make the process of sorting and replying to emails much easier. In the meantime, other apps have copied these features. It's still simple to use, but perhaps now has been overtaken by the competition.

The business case: If you are looking for an email app that helps you tackle your email mountain; this simple app is the way to go.

4 - Inbox

Download Inbox here

Description: Google's second attempt at an email app

Price: Free

Details: Google likes to make email apps. So here's another one. The app is still in beta but promises to help you focus on what is important to you and show you that first.

It features Bundles, which groups messages together; Highlights that show important information without opening the message. You can also set reminders, snooze emails and search for messages.

The business case: If you use Gmail and want to focus on particular emails, this is one to consider.

5 - CloudMagic

Download CloudMagic here

Description: Integrates email with other SaaS offerings.

Price: Free

Details: This Android app provides a unified inbox that works with a host of different email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, iCloud, Google Apps, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, AOL and other IMAP accounts.

It also integrates with, Zendesk, Pocket, Evernote, OneNote, Trello and MailChimp

The business case: A great app to use if you want seamless integration between your email and SaaS to make you more productive at work.

6 Mail Wise

Download Mail Wise here

Description: Turns email into something more akin to messaging

Price: Free

Details: Emails have a certain format encompassing the body of the previous message as well as email signatures and other gumph. Mail Wise strips this out and focuses on the body of the message, making email threads look more like instant messaging. It also sports handy swipe gestures.

The business case: This app cuts to the chase in terms of getting directly to the message.

7 - MyMail

Download MyMail here

Description: The great looking app supports all the major email providers.

Price: Free

Details: This app not only works with the major email providers and any IMAP or POP account, but has a great looking user interface to boot. Each thread shows up photo avatars of the people you are corresponding with. Attachments can be added and viewed within the app.

The business case: The clutter-free interface and how it works with attachments should appeal to business people.

8 Type Mail

Download Type Mail

Description: This email app combines a task list and alarm clock to keep you on your toes.

Price: Free

Details: Type Mail has a user interface that would make you think you are using an iOS device. It can manage an unlimited number of email accounts. You can set quiet hours for when you don't want notifications to pop up and disturb your work. Emails can also be written and scheduled to be sent at a more suitable time.

The business case: This simple email app will work with lots of providers as well as the majority of corporate email servers.

9 - WeMail

Download WeMail here

Description: Heavily influenced by Google's Material Design, this email client groups emails by sender rather than date.

Price: Free

Details: The interface is clean and takes its cues from Google's Material Design. It sorts emails by sender rather than chronologically and organises messages into a more chat-like experience. It can search by message and attachment. It can also compose and reply to emails with voice messages.

The business case: This email app promises to reduce your inbox size by 50 per cent and claims to have the fastest and most advanced email search of any client.

10 Nine Exchange

Download Nine Exchange here

Description: Primarily aimed at Exchange users, this app also works with other email servers.

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Details: This is billed as a fully-fledged email application for Android based on Direct Push technology that synchronises with Microsoft Exchange Server using Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. IT also works with Hotmail, Outlook and Office 365 as well as other email servers.

The business case: A good alternative to Outlook if you want to use Exchange.

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