How to delete apps from a BlackBerry

Blackberry Priv

As with all modern smartphones, BlackBerrys give you access to additional features via apps from BlackBerry App World, which has a huge selection to choose from. While that’s great in the short term, it also means you’ll probably soon find yourself running out of space, as your phone becomes cluttered with apps that your rarely (if ever) use. One of the best ways to free up space on your Blackberry is to delete apps, as these can often be the largest storage hogs, although the process isn't quite as obvious as with some other operating systems, where you can remove apps from the home screen. So, want to free up some space on your trusty BlackBerry? Here’s how to delete apps from your BlackBerry smartphone.

Step 1: Find your apps

The first step is to navigate to your home screen and go to Menu -> Options, which is usually shown with a handy spanner icon. After that, got to Advanced options, Applications. If you're using a BlackBerry Torch, the process is a little different, as you need to go to Third Party Applications instead.

Step 2: Delete unused apps

There you should see a list of all your installed applications. Simply scroll to the application you want to ditch, and then push the Menu button again to highlight it. After that, you’ll see a list of options appear, so just tap Delete, and then confirm the action by pressing Yes. You should repeat these steps for all of the apps that you want to get rid of. You’re done and the application has been deleted and you should now have more space on your BlackBerry.


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