SmartRock update provides a closer look at concrete testing data

Giatec has updated its SmartRock mobile app with a new, intuitive user interface to provide contractors with more comprehensive concrete performance analysis.

The updates make it quicker and more efficient for users to collect and analyze concrete data and address the fast-paced environment found on construction job sites.

SmartRock clients can use the app to activate multi-sensor processing options that automatically connect to embedded sensors nearby and download data for one-page viewing. This makes it easier and more efficient to collect and analyze sensor data.

The updated design makes the gauges, which now provide more details and insights into the placed concrete’s temperature and curing conditions, easier to interpret.

"My experience with the Giatec system has been outstanding,” said Nicholas Daley, assistant project manager at Terracon-Omaha.

“With this new development to the SmartRock mobile app and its ability to download all sensor data in one shot, we are able to further reduce the project schedule to deliver even faster access to concrete testing results. We are excited to use this tool to enhance the construction experience for our testing clients."

Giatec is a global leader in concrete testing technology and has revolutionized the construction industry with its smart-testing technologies and real-time data collection. Its hardware and software products employ artificial intelligence (AI) and internet of things (IoT), including wireless concrete sensors, mobile apps and advanced non-destructive technologies (NDTs).

The SmartRock wireless concrete sensor is used in 45 countries across more than 6,200 construction projects. This patented concrete-maturity sensor uses a highly accurate ASTM-approved testing method to monitor concrete curing and hardening, eliminating the need for wired sensors and preventing time-consuming and error-prone break tests.

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