Samsung’s Galaxy Upcycling update turns old smartphones into IoT gadgets

Samsung Galaxy S7 laying on a table

Samsung has announced its Galaxy Upcycling at Home, a new initiative centered on its Galaxy Upcycling program.

Designed to limit electronic waste, Galaxy Upcycling at Home enables users to recycle their old Galaxy devices into smart home gadgets via a simple software update available through the SmartThings Labs app.

“Smart home devices are a fast-growing trend for consumer electronics, and we believe that Galaxy devices currently not in use can play an important role in turning every home into a smart home,” said Jaeyeon Jung, VP and head of the SmartThings, mobile communications business at Samsung Electronics.

“The program transforms Galaxy devices into SmartThings devices and demonstrates the power of our intelligent IoT platform to broaden the possibilities of what users can do with their old phones.”

Through the Galaxy Upcycling at Home program, users can repurpose old Galaxy phones’ built-in sensors to alter sound and light-control features. Furthermore, the SmartThings ecosystem allows users to explore broader features and updates without purchasing a new device.

For instance, owners can customize a Galaxy device’s sound sensor to distinguish sounds in everyday surroundings and trigger an alert when a baby cries, a dog barks, a cat meows, or someone knocks on the door. Additionally, SmartThings users can program their devices to switch on the TV or lights automatically if the room becomes too dark.


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What’s more, Samsung's Galaxy Upcycling at Home program includes battery optimization solutions to reach the highest battery life possible. “Devices will also be able to connect effortlessly to SmartThings, allowing them to interact with countless other IoT devices in the SmartThings ecosystem,” added Samsung.

“We created Galaxy Upcycling at Home to enable more people to repurpose their old devices into useful tools, allowing both Samsung and our users to be mindful of the impact we have on the environment,” said Sung-Koo Kim, VP of the sustainability management office, mobile communications business at Samsung Electronics.

“We are rethinking how we use existing resources, and we believe the key to upcycling is to enable solutions that transform old technology into something new by adding value. We are committed to integrating sustainable practices into our day-to-day lives, and through Galaxy Upcycling at Home, users can join our journey toward a more sustainable future.”