Windows 7 to star in Lloyds bank's ATM upgrade plans

The Lloyds Banking Group is replacing its self-service ATMs with Windows 7-based machines, featuring contactless card readers, bigger screens and voice guidance.

NCR has installed 1,200 new ATMs at Lloyds Bank, Halifax, Bank of Scotland and TSB branches around the UK to replace machines running on Windowa XP, which is longer be supported by Microsoft.

The upgrade plans will enhance security and aid compliance, according to the organisation. It also hopes to reduce costs by moving to a newer platform. "More important is the improved customer experience that Windows 7 will enable through features that include gesture and multi-touch control," a statement accompanying the announcement read.

Gillian Sephton, head of ATM channel and branch security at Lloyds Banking Group added: "Consumers are increasingly aware of the value that technology can provide when they bank with us and demand a compelling experience."

The new ATMs embrace more modern technologies to make them easier for customers to use. The voice guidance and bigger screens will benefit the visually impaired, while contactless card readers will make it quicker and securely for customers to carry out transactions.

Rachel Nash, director of financial services at NCR UK said: "Time-starved consumers want quick, secure access to banking services and technology, such as ATMs, providing them with choices that can make their lives better."

"What works for consumers will also provide huge benefits for financial institutions, such as Lloyds Banking Group, as they seek to run their business more effectively and improve services."

Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP at the beginning of April, although it has been revealed that almost 28 per cent of desktop users are still using the system.

However, the government secured an extra 12 months of support from Microsoft to accommodate the public sector organisations still using the platform, costing the taxpayer 5.548 million.

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