Lenovo laptops crashing after Windows 10 update, but there’s a fix

Windows 10 users have taken to Twitter to complain that the latest update has caused their Lenovo machine to freeze or enter into an endless bootloop.

Microsoft has confirmed the complaints and blamed a mysterious bug for the issue, and it's been deduced that the crash affects users who’ve installed the July security update for the latest version of Windows 10.

The bug causes the infamous blue screen of death (BSOD) - a full-screen error message on a blue background, coercing the user to restart their device. In technical terms, this indicates a fatal system error and that the OS is no longer running or operating safely.

“The Windows hello camera stops working, and the machine BSODs when going to sleep or when trying to run Lenovo Vantage. The Intel management engine interface device stops working as well,” posted an unhappy ThinkPad X390 Windows 10 user on Reddit.

So far, the bug has crept into Lenovo laptops released since 2019, and Lenovo’s software utility clashes with Windows’ biometric software. Some versions of Lenovo’s Vantage software could still access Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) device configuration space, which becomes restricted after the latest update.

However disappointing, the bug is still very repairable. Microsoft and Lenovo are working on a new update through Windows and Vantage software. During the interim, users can disable Windows biometric security on their laptops to avoid the hang using the following steps:

  1. Restart the computer
  2. When the Lenovo logo appears on the screen, press and hold the “F1” key
  3. This will enter the UEFI controls
  4. Click “Security” in the left column
  5. Toggle “Enhanced Windows Biometric Security” off in the “Virtualization” section

Windows advises using stronger passwords and PIN until further notice, as Windows Hello biometric login will not function with this setting off.


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