The IT Pro guide to Sase and successful digital transformation

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The way we work has changed, and the tools, platforms, and devices we use have also changed. While the business world had been transitioning to a more agile and flexible model, the global pandemic accelerated that process exponentially, with workers needing new tools and processes to stay productive.

But this new way of working brings with it new worries and challenges for IT decision-makers and managers, who have needed to deliver devices and services that allow workers to be productive and efficient, while also keeping them safe and supported.

In this in-depth IT Pro report, presented in association with Daisy and Cisco, we’ll explore the challenges presented by the remote and hybrid working models that have become the norm, and explore how adopting a secure access service edge (SASE) model could be the ideal solution for businesses that need to remain productive and efficient, no matter where their workers may be.

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