NTT Com Security adds Glasswall to armoury

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Glasswall Solutions and NTT Com Security have partnered up to offer an alternative to traditional signature-based controls in the battle against file-based cyber attacks.

Under the terms of the agreement, NTT Com Security will offer content security specialist Glasswall’s technology as part of its WideAngle portfolio that provides customers with information security and risk management solutions.

Email remains the primary channel through which Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) are initiated, with 94 percent of these attacks using file attachments, according to statistics from Trend Micro. As such, organisations are seeking alternatives to ensure file safety without impacting business workflow, says Glasswall.

The vendor’s technology validates any electronic file entering an organisation. It does this by deep analysis, at byte level, of every file entering or leaving the organisation. Then it automatically applies manufacturers’ compliance standards in real-time to secure the files from zero-day malware.

“We oppose the argument, made by some in our industry, that breach is inevitable and that organisations should focus on the speed and cost of remediation rather than well-planned, proactive defences,” says Greg Sim, CEO, Glasswall Solutions.

“We are delighted that NTT Com Security, part of the biggest community of information security advisors with a wealth of business and technical expertise worldwide, has recognised the value of our solutions in supporting organisations to eliminate content risk.”

“We are constantly seeking the best, innovative approaches and technology, such as Glasswall, to make a difference to the resilience, business continuity and confidence of our growing customer community,” adds Simon Church, CEO of NTT Com Security.


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