Equinix's $74 million Indonesia data centre branded "strategically important" to its Asia-Pacific ambitions

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Digital infrastructure company Equinix is set to open a $74 million data centre in Jakarta, bringing its total number of data centres across the Asia-Pacific to 51.

The company said it chose the location because Indonesia has emerged as Southeast Asia’s largest digital economy in value and is expected to be a key hub of interconnection in the region.


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It added that the country is forecast to become the second-largest public cloud market in Southeast Asia, especially since major cloud providers such as Google Cloud, AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Alibaba Cloud have also launched regions in Indonesia.

The eight-story facility is scheduled to open by the second half of 2024 and is expected to provide more than 1,600 cabinets and over 5,300 square metres of colocation space. Equinix hopes the new data centre, located in Jakarta’s Central Business District, will provide businesses with the digital infrastructure that's in demand.

The facility is also set to incorporate sustainability into its design, using technologies like a cool array - a wall of fans used to cool the server racks.

The expansion also aligns with the Indonesian government’s digital transformation initiatives, boosting the country's digital infrastructure objectives according to goals set out in the Indonesia Digital Roadmap 2021–2024, said the company.

This roadmap aims to boost the nation's digital infrastructure, economy, government, and society. It includes goals like encouraging 30 million micro, small, and medium enterprises to go digital by 2024, and consolidating and integrating government data under the One Data Indonesia initiative so it can be shared between central and regional agencies.

“Our IBX data centre in Jakarta will add a strategically important, high-growth market to Equinix's extensive network of interconnected data centres across the world,” said Jeremy Deutsch, president of Asia-Pacific at Equinix. “Having a presence in Indonesia allows Equinix to provide digital infrastructure that enables local businesses to tap growth opportunities abroad and support global organisations looking to access the expanding Indonesian digital economy.”

Equinix has been investing in the Asia-Pacific region recently, after announcing an initial investment of $86 million to build its third data centre in Mumbai. It has also made an initial investment of over $64 million for its first data centre in Chennai. It currently has 51 data centres across the region, in key cities across Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore.

The company has 50 projects underway across 22 countries, including new data centre builds in Dublin, New York, and Warsaw. It most recently entered Chile and Peru with a total of five data centres, at a value estimated at around $735 million. The company has also completed its acquisition of West Africa data centre provider MainOne for $320 million.

Its global footprint spans 248 data centres across 71 cities and 32 countries, providing digital infrastructure to more than 10,000 of the world’s leading businesses, said Equinix.

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