What is Facebook Open Graph?

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Facebook has made its Open Graph platform available to all businesses who want their apps to gain traction in user Timelines.

The social network also announced 60 fresh apps based on the Open Graph framework were uploaded, including ones from Autotrader and Soundcloud.

Timeline apps are for the activities users want to share with friends. The Autotrader app, for example, will show when users click a 'Want' button next to the make/model homepages of cars.

"The social web has made the traditional peer opinion' that influences peoples' buying behaviour more important than ever," said Ian MacDonald, head of consumer marketing at Autotrader.

"We will have a real-time indication of how in-demand a particular car is via the volume of people indicating that they want' that car."

Businesses interested in developing apps for Timeline integration with Open Graph can point their tech teams towards the tutorial here.

Mike Keating, enterprise solutions director at social media experts Techlightenment, said the impact for marketers lives would be significant.

"Facebook is the biggest thing to happen to marketing for many years - never before have users given so much indication of the brands and the products with which they are engaged. Facebook has changed this forever, allowing marketers to construct content that is truly personalised to an individual," Keating said.

"Implementing this correctly means customers are more likely to interact and engage with the brand and their friends' activity, and consequently amplify the reach of this content by sharing it with their friends."

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