Are these the stars of the future? Techstars Demo Day 2015: 5 ones to watch

Startups from across the UK and around the world gathered together today to talk about their companies and their visions to would-be investors.

The event, dubbed the 2015 TechStars Demo Day, was held in London and the calibre of participants was high.

"Any doubts about whether the European tech scene has hit its stride have been dispelled," said TechStars managing director Jon Bradford ahead of the presentations.

The programme launched in London more than three years ago and today's event had more than 1,000 people signed up to attend, with 10 companies presenting on the day.

Here are five of the most interesting startups currently working on products to improve and transform the enterprise market.


Rainbird is a symbolic artificial intelligence platform that allows companies to diminish the impact of human error, an employee having a good day or a bad day, by allowing easy publication of consultative systems, automating otherwise human-intensive knowledge work.

Ben Taylor, co-founder and CEO of Rainbird, said during the pitch: "Your business is dependent on the quality and consistency of human decision making processes, but because organisations are made up of people, they're subject to human frailties."

Big Data for Humans

Peter Ellen, co-founder and CEO of Big Data for Humans, explained the B2B solution designed to help businesses better understand and respond to customer needs, thus making more money with what is already at their disposal, which claims to be both more cost-effective and faster than services offered by competitors.


Aiming to simplify outsourcing and relationship management with freelancers from within a company, Lystable will crowd source supplier knowledge from around an organisation, cutting out time-wasting research, communication and leg-work when looking for the right external resource for a particular job.

Peter Johnston, Lystable's founder and CEO, described the burgeoning need for such a tool, saying: "Gartner has predicted a fundamental shift in the way enterprises are operating. Teams are becoming smaller and outsourcing is rapidly expanding... We're calling this the lean workforce, and the boundaries between employees and external suppliers are blurring."


Pointing to the "once in a generation shift in how we prefer to communicate" in the enterprise, Sean Nolan, founder and CEO of Kimono, lamented the lack of fit-for-purpose messaging platform for large-scale companies. Kimono aims to be the solution, designed specifically for enterprise in many ways widely used platforms such as Google Hangouts are not.


Geospock, introduced by founder and CEO Dr Steve Marsh, is a real-time scalable database for big data which overcomes many of the problems limiting current solutions. Comparing the process to finding a book in a huge pile, or finding it in a well-organised library, Geospock performs 15x fast than the current market leader.

Caroline Preece

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