Microsoft Windows 10 Event live blog: Microsoft unveils new convertible Surface Studio All-In-One

Microsoft is leaving its Redmond base today to travel to New York City, where it plans to reveal its latest hardware line-ups, as well as a few software upgrades.

This year's focus will be on 3D, with new products in its Surface range and updates to its Windows 10 operating system expected to be pitched at the global design community.

With the event coming just a day before Apple's, which is expected to heavily feature enhancements to its MacBooks, CEO Satya Nadella knows this is a chance to get the message out about Microsoft's products before everybody is swamped in Apple news.

Nadella and his team are speaking at 3pm BST, and you can watch the event live here.

Check out the rest of this article to find out what's likely to happen, though, and be sure to refresh our blog during the event to keep up to date with the latest announcements.

Live blog

17.00 - Closing

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella closed out the show, talking about Microsoft's role in empowering the next generation of creators through tools like Minecraft, Paint 3D and Office. He also bigged up the concept of 'mixed reality', and said that Microsoft is democratising the medium for everyone.

16.45 - Transformable modes

Surprising absolutely nobody, the Studio can be raised, lowered and rotated to any angle, allowing users to draw and draft at similar angles to the Surface Pro 4. The Surface Studio has palm rejection, meaning you can lean on the screen while you write and draw on it. Naturally, it also works with the Surface Pen.

The Surface Dial control - the little round peripheral - works as a universal Windows control. It can be used to scroll through documents or web pages, spool through audio or video, and adjust brightness. It can also be placed on the screen, and integrates with software like Photoshop, to be used as a colour wheel.

16.25 - Surface Studio

The rumours were true - Microsoft did indeed reveal an all-in-one Surface unit, called Surface Studio. It boasts an Intel Core i7 processor, an nVidia GTX 980m GPU, 23GB of memory, a 2TB hard drive and 28in touchscreen display, which Microsoft claims is the thinnest LCD ever built at 12.5mm. It also features a hinged stand, allowing you to pull the screen down to use as a graphics tablet.

The display pushes over 13m pixels, uses TrueColor, has a PPI of 192 and can even switch between sRGB and DCIP3 on the fly. In addition to the touchscreen and traditional keyboard and mouse control, the Studio also has inbuilt microphones for voice command via Cortana, and a dial control with haptic feedback for precise scrolling.

16.15 - Surface Book i7

Microsoft has announced a brand new version of the Surface Book - the Surface Book i7. Microsoft has claimed that the new device has 'twice the graphics', double the performance, and 30% more battery life - up to 16 hours. Pound for pound, Microsoft claims that the new Surface Book is still the most powerful laptop in the world.

It starts at $2,389, and can be pre-ordered as of today.

16.00 - My People

Microsoft announced the inclusion of a taskbar widget, allowing you to contact and share with your five favourite contacts. Your five favourite people will come up first in any Windows 10 share widget, or can simply drag the content you want to share to their portrait on the desktop.

Multiple communication services will be integrated, including email, Skype and SMS for Android andWindows Phones. Users will be able to send emoji, and will allow users to look through a dedicated inbox for each contact.

15.50 - Game broadcasting

Microsoft is jumping on the lucrative livestreaming bandwagon, with a new Twitch-style service called Beam, which will be built in to the Windows 10 Creators Update. The service integrates directly with the Xbox Live app, allowing friends, followers and other online acquaintances to easily tune in.

Players can also create their own custom tournaments using Microsoft's Xbox Arena feature, with their own rules and structures. The service will also automatically collate the scores and judge the winner.

15.40 - Microsoft VR

In addition to the HoloLens AR headset, Microsoft also showed off virtual reality environments, including a virtual home with app icons, content creation tools and a virtual tour app. HP, Dell, Asus and Acer will all be producing VR headsets for Windows, which will start at just $299. The headsets will also reportedly include movement sensors, allowing full body tracking without costly sensor setups like the HTC Vive.

15.35 - 3D on HoloLens

Another application the company showed off was using 3D content with Microsoft's Edge browser on HoloLens. The company showed off a proof of concept that allows user to pull 3D versions of furniture items into their environment, to see what they'd look like in their home.

15.30 - 3D in Powerpoint

Microsoft has also announced that 3D models can be integrated directly with Powerpoint presentations, just as easily as adding an image. The model can be used with slide transitions, zooming in, panning and rotating to other sides of the model - all smoothly animated.

15.25 -

The creator's update also introduces a new online community for 3D designs,, providing an archived, searchable library for 3D objects. What's more, it also works from Minecraft - users can export their Minecraft creations, and then 3D print them directly fromn Windows 10's 3D builder software. Microsoft has also partnered with SketchUp, bringing the company's huge 3D library to Microsoft's community.

15.20 - Paint 3D

The first update in the new Creator's Update is a brand-new and improved Paint app - now named Paint 3D - which allows users to create 3D art as easily as 2D. This is aided by s new tool called the 'Windows 3D capture experience', which allows users to digitally scan a 3D object by taking a 360-degree photo.

15.10 - Creators Update

Microsoft has announced that the next release of Windows 10 - previously codenamed Redstone 2 - will be named the 'Creators Update', and will feature enhanced gaming features, sharing tools, and a host of features designed to enhance 3D content creation.

Surface Studio

Like the rumours suggested, Microsoft launched an all-in-one Surface, called the Surface Studio. It's aimed at designers, and features an Intel Core-i7 processor, an nVidia GTX 980m GPU, 32GB of memory, 2TB of storage and a 28in touchscreen display. Naturally, it also works with the Surface Pen, and Microsoft has also introduced a second peripheral called the Surface Dial, allowing fine-tuned control of various different system and UI elements.

The Surface Studio will be available in limited quantities this holiday season, and is available for $2,999.

Windows 10 'Creators Update' (AKA Redstone 2)

Windows logo in sky

Microsoft's next update to Windows 10, dubbed Redstone 2, is not arriving until March 2017, but Microsoft is loading it with plenty of features. 3D content is a strong feature, with a new Paint 3D app and HoloLens integrations, but there are also new features for business, gaming and communications.

The Paint 3D app allows users to create 3D art using digitised real-world objects, 2D images and 3D models from sources like Minecraft and SketchUp. It also integrates with HoloLens, allowing users to veiw digital objects in the real world.

Surface Book refresh

Microsoft unveiled an updated version of the Surface Book - the Surface Book i7. It features twice the graphics and performance, with an improved battery life totalling 16 hours. Pre-orders open on 26 October, starting at $2,389.