Mavenir launches next-gen operations support system

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Mavenir has announced its next-generation Operations Support System (ngOSS), expanding the MAVscale platform.

The new solution integrates artificial intelligence (AI), analytics, automation, and orchestration to enable intelligent network operations. With a microservices-based architecture, Mavenir's ngOSS deconstructs monolithic systems into smaller, autonomous components that provide insights, intelligence, and network control.

“By enhancing network performance, Mavenir’s ngOSS enables CSPs to improve the overall customer experience, lower operating expenses (OPEX), and reduce the risk of manual errors more prevalent in legacy OSS systems,” explained Mavenir.

Outlining key capabilities of ngOSS, Mavenir said the platform offers provisioning as a service across any cloud, regardless of vendor. Additionally, Mavenir’s Active Inventory offers a real-time view of the available resources and services across cloud and vendor applications and environments.

The Service Order Management feature, integrated with Mavenir’s business support system (BSS) solution, automates all parts of network operations, including service design, 5G slice management, and network service orchestration.

Lastly, Observability Framework collects and analyzes domain-specific metrics on infrastructure systems, including PaaS and CaaS.


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“As CSPs advance toward automation, next-generation OSS will be a critical component to enable the network of the future,” said Kuntal Chowdhury, SVP and GM of AI and analytics at Mavenir.

Chowdhury added: “Using advanced AI and ML models to enhance network performance will help CSPs deliver superior customer experience, while scalable automation reduces manual tasks to lower maintenance costs and reduces the risk of human error.

"Mavenir’s ngOSS solution allows CSPs to break open the network and take advantage of Open APIs to increase agility and innovation, introduce new services, and monetize 5G with rapid service velocity.”