Boeing taps Aireon’s space data stream ‌for improved‌ ‌flight‌ ‌safety

A photo of the back of a plane taking off at sunset

Boeing has struck a deal with space-based automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) service provider Aireon to better predict and prevent aviation hazards.

Per the accord, Aireon will offer its flight data stream to Boeing, expanding the aerospace firm’s data analytics capabilities. Select Boeing airplane programs will have access to historical aircraft data, including near real-time aircraft event data, via AireonINSIGHTS.


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“The global space-based ADS-B data from AireonINSIGHTS can help customers gain insights to key performance indicators on flight safety,” stated Aireon.

Boeing will notably integrate Aireon-provided ADS-B data into enterprise Safety Management System (SMS), in a bid to proactively monitor risks and ‌changing‌ ‌safety trends.

Oceanic, polar, and outlying areas can be monitored by space-based ADS-B, which adds to conventional ground-based surveillance limited to terrestrial airspace.

"We are investing in a data stream that can be transformed into safety intelligence," commented Vishwa Uddanwadiker, vice president of aerospace safety analytics at Boeing.

"We are adding this to our data analytics ecosystem to help predict and prevent safety risks, while identifying other opportunities to strengthen our Safety Management System."

Aireon CEO Don Thoma said, "The power of the Aireon data unlocks a cache of information for Boeing regarding the operations of its aircraft in the global airspace. With this integration, Boeing will have data to provide a full operational view of its fleet, and we are excited to partner with them.”