CLEVR’s new AR solution simplifies field service management

Man wearing VR goggles and interacting with AR
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CLEVR has announced its new augmented reality (AR)-powered Field Services Manager (FSM).

Designed for end-to-end service providers, CLEVR’s FSM includes a unified platform for field operations that facilitates installation, maintenance, route optimization, archiving, and more.

Remote AR assistance, which is integrated into FSM, lets smart home service providers offer remote support to customers via two-way video calls and AR. Developed in partnership with Econic Technologies, FSM’s remote assistance feature also enables customers to point at real-world objects in real time.

"Econic expects that Remote Assistance will cut down on-site inspections of all new installations by 25%," said Vincent Damen, product manager at Econic.

Damen added, "By 2023, we will grow to 200,000 new installations annually. A single inspection costs $148.00 (125 euros), so with the projected number, we estimate saving $7.1 million (6 million euros) annually as well. In addition, remote assistance will significantly reduce the need to drive to on-site locations by 1 million kilometers, which roughly translates to reducing CO2 emissions by 170,000 kilograms."

According to CLEVR, its AR-powered FSM will help organizations lower costs, reduce carbon emissions, and optimize staffing. Thanks to its low-code architecture, FSM is lightweight and highly customizable. The service is reportedly aimed at improving end-to-end services for homes, offices, and stores.


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CLEVR also announced plans to expand FSM's capabilities to serve adjacent markets, including home security, home appliances, waste management, utilities, and telecommunications.

"Field services is an area crying out for new, digitalized, efficient processes," said Kay Lankheet, squad lead of CLEVR's Field Service Manager business unit.

Lankheet continued, “CLEVR Field Service Manager enables incumbents and start-ups alike to offer highly digitalized offerings leading to significant cost reductions amounting to millions, an improved customer experience and perhaps most importantly of all, reduced carbon footprint of installation companies by up to 25%."