Drew Turney

Drew Turney

Freelance journalist

Drew Turney is a freelance journalist who has been working in the industry for more than 25 years. He has written on a range of topics including technology, film, science, and publishing.

Since 1995, Drew has written for publications including MacWorld, PCMag, io9, Variety, Empire, GQ, and the Daily Telegraph.In all, he has contributed to more than 150 titles. He is an experienced interviewer, features writer, and media reviewer with a strong background in scientific knowledge. 

At ITPro, Drew has written on the topics of smart manufacturing, cyber security certifications, computing degrees, data analytics, and mixed reality technologies. 

He has worked as a film reviewer for many years and has led a number of interviews with the cast and crew of notable films and has also written extensively on books, authors, and the publishing industry.

Before entering the field of journalism full-time, Drew was a graphic designer. He spent time working on a combination of web and print media throughout the early 2000s, before pursuing freelance journalism as his sole pursuit in 2006.

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