Dell’s Android-based smartphone spotted on web

Dell confirmed it is working with operator China Mobile on development of a handset, after websites published pictures of what looks like a new Dell smartphone aimed at the Chinese market.

Mobile phone website Boy Genius published slightly blurry pictures of a Dell-branded Android smartphone together with specifications, while a Chinese website called published slightly clearer ones of what it called the Mini 3i'.

The Chinese report claimed it would run the Android-based Open Mobile System (OMS). It also said the Mini 3i is not 3G enabled.

It reportedly has a 3.5-inch touchscreen, 3 million-pixel camera, a MicroSD card slot and Bluetooth, as well as an on-screen QWERTY keyboard.

The pictures from were said to have been part of a China Mobile launch. It's not clear when or if the Dell smartphone will be available to buy outside of China.

Although Dell would not comment directly on the story, the Wall Street Journal quoted a China Mobile spokeswoman as saying the Dell Mini 3i supported its new online platform, which offered downloads to mobile phones.