IBM IOD 2010: Emerging tech, predicting the future and getting it right

Is IBM making use of some of these technologies?

We are starting to do that now. There's always the privacy issues, which everyone has to address. I can go in and say I don't want user names, screen names, anything. We scrape that stuff we're really, really careful about that.

We're doing some stuff internally. In fact, I could tell you everybody at IBM's Twitter ID, which my partner Stu analysed to see if he could do it.

Analytics is one of the coolest, hottest things going on in IBM right now. That's because we've never seen this much data before in our lives.

I have the web right here [on my laptop] and I can run analytics on it. It's mind blowing.

What changes have you seen during your time at IBM?

I've been at IBM 32 years. I've been with emerging technologies since we announced Web Services. In fact, I was on stage when we announced Web Services with Bill Gates.

In terms of the changes? It's really nothing that we didn't anticipate. Or that a lot of great Science Fiction writers hadn't anticipated. The iPad was in Star Trek folks!

It's the speed of change that's the one that's hard to anticipate. The speed of adoption for the iPad is the greatest for any consumer device in history. The speed of adoption of something is what really surprises some people. But we have been ready just about every turn of the crank.

Maggie Holland

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