UPDATED: Government G-Cloud is dead, says HP

As for HP, it claimed IT PRO had taken Wilson's words out of context, despite our interview transcript.

"What he did say was that the first priority for Government was to look at data centre consolidation, after which topics like G-Cloud would be addressed," HP said in a statement.

"Nick's main point was that CIOs in the public and private sector are looking at hybrid models, with some use of cloud alongside traditional IT systems. HP continues to have fruitful dialogue with the Government on topics such as G-cloud and data centre consolidation."

However, Wilson said, when directly talking about the G-Cloud project, it had been "canned," whilst pointing out the Government would only eventually move to the cloud.

In the short term, it would focus on data centre consolidation, whilst in the long-term it was likely Government would be looking at hybrid cloud models, Wilson said.

He did not go on to say the G-Cloud project would be looked at again in the future.

Having recorded the conversation, here is the transcript of where we discussed G-Cloud:

IT PRO We were listening about the G-Cloud today and obviously HP...

Wilson You went and had a look did you? [referring to HP Labs' G-Cloud demo]


Wilson We've shown everyone in Government that, everyone.

IT PRO That's an area I'd be interested in to see how it can progress with that...

Wilson Well they've canned the project.

IT PRO So they've canned G-Cloud?

Wilson They've put it out.

IT PRO But they have a cloud vision to use cloud services?

Wilson What they've done instead of G-Cloud is that they're looking in the short term, in terms of more practicality, they're looking at data centre consolidation.

IT PRO So that's it for the minute with cloud?

Wilson No, no. So they will go to the cloud, but they thought the cloud was a bit too much nirvana so in the short term, the projects that are being looked at are data centre consolidation. They have about, what, 120, 130 data centres. Our belief would be that they need 10, 12.

We will post any further updates to the story when the Cabinet Office returns our request.

Tom Brewster

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