IT Pro Start-Up Tour: Solix

Solix is moving more towards dealing with unstructured data, rather than structured.

"It's the competitor landscape which we're trying to figure out what should be our strategy," Gundavelli said. "Technology wise it's not that complicated."

The company is hoping to make an announcement about being a structured and unstructured data player later this year.

Just think of all the junk you've got filling up space in your IT setup it's time to clear it all out.

As for the business itself, the close relationship with Oracle is interesting. Could Larry Ellison's firm one day make a punt for this youthful company? Given the close integration that Solix provides with Oracle products, as well as the fact Oracle offers Solix solutions with some of its own services, it wouldn't be a huge surprise to see an acquisition taking place.

When IT Pro asked if any bigger deal between Solix and Oracle was on the way, Gundavelli said nothing, simply shrugging his shoulders.

It's all just speculation then

The verdict

Solix isn't the sexiest company in the world and doesn't sparkle when it comes to aesthetics. But it's producing some valuable technology, and with 150 customers on its sheets it's clear doing something right.

Even the UK's Ministry of Defence has opted for a Solix solution although given the stick the Government has taken for its IT decisions in the past, you might not be overly impressed by that particular contract.

Elsewhere in the UK, NTL and DHL are two big firms that have put their trust in Solix.

Our biggest concern for Solix lies in its move over to the unstructured data management market, which has many more players.

It will have to offer something truly impressive in that sector to ensure it is considered as significant a force as it is in the structured data space.

Nevertheless, IT managers wanting to clean up their structured data should certainly take a look at what Solix is doing. Just think of all the junk you've got filling up space in your IT setup it's time to clear it all out.

Tom Brewster

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