DocuSign’s new service leverages text messages to get signatures

Man receiving text messages in a coffee shop

DocuSign has launched its new SMS Delivery to alert users through text messages when they have important documents to view and sign.

When businesses set their DocuSign account to send SMS Delivery notifications, the signer gets an immediate text alert to view and sign the document on their smartphone. From that notification, the signer can quickly open and electronically sign documents. If the recipient also has an email address, they will receive a standard email alert too.

The benefits of using this new SMS method include quicker completion rates, reaching signers who don't have or don't want to use email, and more successful transaction rates.

In a blog post, DocuSign said an increasing number of people are shifting toward text messages as their preferred means to access and share critical information. The e-signature company pointed to a study indicating 41% of consumers prefer to receive important notifications via SMS compared to 16% who prefer email.

Despite 2.5 times more consumers preferring text messages, email remains the most important means of communication. However, with the modern email inbox flooding with messages and spam, it’s difficult to break through the noise and get signatures.

DocuSign Group vice president and head of eSignature Products Jerome Levadoux said the past few months have “taught us that the need for agility and meeting customers where they do business is more important than ever.”

“From sales contracts and offer letters to account openings and invoices, DocuSign eSignature SMS Delivery enables real-time action to be taken in today's digital-first economy,” Levadoux added.

Alishan Dhanani of A-MAX Auto Insurance, a DocuSign SMS Delivery user, said his company liked having the ability to request signatures from clients using text messages.

“It enables us to provide clients with a seamless experience while expediting turnaround times. The best part is that it requires no additional integrations to set up and it is just as easy as sending DocuSign envelopes using email,” Dhanani said.

SMS Delivery is available in 180 countries as a separate add-on to standard or higher DocuSign eSignature direct plans.

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