Better together: Accelerating security and success for MSPs with automation

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Security remains a vital concern for businesses of all types, and customers across a range of industries are increasingly relying on managed service providers to be their main defence against a variety of threats.

Keeping up with the ever-changing world of security can sometimes be a challenging prospect for MSPs, however, and it’s important to ensure that they’re equipped with the best possible tools.

MSPs are often expected to act as the security heartbeat of the businesses they serve, and are hit with the dual pressures of operating their own companies and supporting their partners, while also having to keep up with the evolving threat landscape and the challenges that are placed at their doors on a daily basis.

Sophos has a rich history of securing business assets both physical and digital. Datto has a well-established reputation for the security and other services it offers to its partners. Together, they are developing solutions to make security easier, faster and safer for channel companies and their customers.

“From our side, we’ve seen the majority of the endpoints are now really mobile,” says Matt Smith, senior solutions engineer for Datto. “And with a mobile workforce, you’ve no idea what networks they’re joining. Now MSPs are looking at the stack rather than single products. It’s becoming harder for an MSP to manage, and that’s really where an RMM [remote monitoring and management] comes into the game.”

“The perfect opportunity for having this combination of Datto and Sophos is protecting ourselves – protecting the MSP,” says Kyle Torres, security channel account executive for Sophos. “Supply chain attacks were the [most prominent] of the security attacks last year. I don’t think we’re invulnerable to supply chain attacks, and for [many] MSPs they are a vital link in the supply chain for hundreds of users across hundreds of customers.

“It’s not just the customers that we need to think about securing, but we also need to think about how the MSPs are protecting ourselves – with a combination of a good security product to layer on top of a good management product is the best of both.”

Watch our webinar ‘Better together: How Datto and Sophos help automate to accelerate security and success for MSPs’ for a live demonstration of how their software works together, followed by a conversation between Adam Shepherd, community editor for IT Pro, and Smith and Torres about topics including:

  • How MSPs can join Datto and Sophos’ partner programmes
  • Recent security trends MSPs should be aware of
  • The biggest challenges faced by MSPs today
  • How MSPs can leverage automation as part of their security offering
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