Apple "completely redesigns" IT certifications, introduces two new exams

A laptop and smartphone both showing the homepage for Apple's new IT certifications programme

Apple has said it has overhauled the way it delivers professional training and certification programmes, involving a shift to self-paced learning online.

Apple has also introduced two new courses that are now available and cover Apple Device Support and Apple Deployment and Management.

The Apple Device Support course is the first in Apple’s new IT training series, in what it has described as a complete redesign. It covers the tools, services, and best practices used by IT support across Apple’s device ecosystem and is delivered through articles and guided exercises.

Apple Deployment and Management is a more advanced course that covers how to configure, manage, and secure Apple products using mobile device management (MDM).

Like others on its online training platform, the two new courses unlock certification exams, costing $149 each, once the course material has been completed.

Mockup of a learning environment on Apple's training programme

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“More people than ever are using Mac, iPad, and iPhone to do their best work, and the demand for Apple-certified IT professionals has never been greater,” said Susan Prescott, vice president of enterprise and education marketing at Apple.

“Apple Professional Training helps anyone with an interest in technology — whether they are changing careers or upping their skillset — pursue high-paying IT jobs with certifications that will stand out to potential employers. We believe deeply in inclusion in technology, so the new courses are self-paced and freely available, and we are working to ensure ability to pay isn’t a barrier to earning Apple certification.”

Apple’s partners also said the demand for IT support staff with experience managing Apple devices has grown in recent years.

Device management and security company Jamf reported a 150% increase in members in its professional community that manage Apple products since 2017, taking the figure to more than 100,000 members. Automotive giant Ford also said it’s actively looking to fill roles to manage Apple devices.


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The new courses and online learning platform is available to everyone and Apple also said that it’s engaging community colleges and universities to help certify those that are soon to be entering the workforce.

Scholarships are available for select individuals to enrol on the community college or university route, and vouchers are also available to those in need of financial support through the Mac Admins Foundation, which has also partnered with Apple on the new course format.

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