Box platform overhaul brings simplified files and Zoom integrations

Collections on Box

Box has announced a host of changes to the platform to maximise productivity with new integrations for Zoom and a simplified filing system.

The changes speak to the broader trend of how tech companies are adapting to remote working, according to the company.

The "all-new Box experience" includes 'Collections', a new way to personalise and organise content in Box, available now in beta, and an enhanced Zoom integration that makes it easier to collaborate on content while on a video call.

With Collections, users can create and name a dedicated space for projects within Box. This includes adding files, folders, or book-marked documents into one or more of their personal sections without impacting access for collaborators.

As an example, Box suggests a user might want to group documents and folders around projects, such as 'event contracts', 'marketing launches' or 'user research studies'. In Collections, this can be organised personally with the information users need to find them in the left-hand navigation in Box.

The makeover has also included a new action bar design, refreshed icons, and advanced preview capabilities for ZIP and RAW file types.

"We've seen work styles change more dramatically in the last two months than at any time in the previous few decades," said Aaron Levie, co-founder and CEO at Box. "With the All-New Box, we're taking usability even further, introducing powerful new tools for organising your files and working together in real-time, while making it easy to bring your content into the applications you use every day."

Deeper integration with Zoom is also due later in May. The two companies have been working together since last year and the integration between the two has grown "dramatically" over the past few months, according to Box. As such, a new enhancement will let users create or join Zoom meetings directly from a piece of content in Box with just a click from Box Preview.

Bobby Hellard

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