OpsRamp offers AIOps-driven predictive alerts

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IT management company OpsRamp has unveiled the latest version of its platform with improved automatic monitoring and alert capabilities.

This may be the last official day of summer, but that didn't stop the company from announcing its Summer 2021 release, including a new predictive alerting feature that mines historical IT infrastructure data to identify patterns indicating upcoming problems.

If it spots issues, it alerts admins and triggers automated workflows to mitigate the emerging problem. A beta dynamic workflows feature lets operators build a decision table that supports automated workflows for different scenarios rather than creating separate workflow automations.

The predictive alerting service can also forecast lower incident volumes, warning IT management when quiet periods are approaching.

The platform also offers more detailed alerts to help human operators make smarter decisions by presenting them with the right information. It automatically adds relevant information to alerts, populating it with the type of problem it thinks occurred, enabling admins to accelerate their response.

The OpsRamp platform achieves these goals using AIOps, which blends classical IT management techniques with machine learning to analyze operations data and find underlying patterns.


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The latest release also supports monitoring in Alibaba's cloud environment. It gives Alibaba customer support for visualization, alerting, and root cause analysis on auto scaling and load balancing services. It also offers more data center monitoring options, with support for Hitachi VSP OpsCenter, NAS and HCI, VMware vSAN, NSX-T and NSX-V, Dell EMC PowerScale, PowerStore and PowerMax, and Poly Trio, VVX/CCX and Group.

Finally, the platform also features more visualization options, supporting gauge charts representing metrics that fluctuate in a fixed range.

The company now supports the platform with a mobile application supporting Android and iOS. Operators can access system data and respond to alerts in the app.

OpsRamp's AIOps push comes as analyst firm IDC predicts strong growth for this market. By 2023, the analyst firm predicted 75% of global 2000 organizations will have adopted automated solutions practices.

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