Cloudreach acquires Cloudamize, seeks new partners

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Cloudreach has announced the acquisition of Cloudamize, with the two companies also building a partner programme around a software offering helping firms move to the cloud.

Cloudreach, majority-owned by Blackstone Tactical Opportunities, will build an entire software offshoot with the help of Cloudamize's expertise, with a new partner programme to support sales and marketing activity of the joint venture.

“When we started our partnership with Blackstone, one of the key priorities was to software-enable all our products,” Pontus Noren, CEO of Cloudreach, said. “Combining Cloudamize’s industry leading cloud analytics and migration automation with Cloudreach’s expertise will make it easier for our customers to adopt cloud quickly, efficiently, and at scale."

He added the partnership will enable enterprises to innovate using hyperscale cloud platforms directly through Cloudreach or by making use of the company's partner network, offering businesses the support they need to take advantage of moving to AWS.

“Joining forces with Cloudreach accelerates the vision I had when I originally founded Cloudamize - empowering the enterprise with analytics and automation to simplify cloud decision making,” said Khushboo Shah, Cloudamize founder and chairman.

“When we first launched Cloudamize, we saw an opportunity to automate the tedious and manual process of discovering applications and infrastructure, building migration plans, and determining best possible cloud configurations for optimal performance."

The partner programme developed by Cloudreach and Cloudamize will offer partners the resources, training and support they need to build their business and help enterprises innovate using cloud technologies.

"I am thrilled to combine efforts with Cloudreach as it’s time we move the market beyond the brute-force manpower-intensive processes of the past and help our customers focus instead on maximizing the value of their cloud deployments.”

Clare Hopping
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