Oracle launches Recruiting Booster platform to improve talent acquisition

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Oracle is taking aim at the global talent shortage with a new platform that promises to build better relationships between employers and top candidates.


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The Oracle Recruiting Booster is built upon Oracle Recruitment, an existing cloud-based HR application that connects all facets of a company's HR operation. The Recruitment Booster is an extension of that application and aims to help HR and talent acquisition teams build communities of top talent, accelerate the hiring process, and personalise the experience for every candidate.

Talent shortages, across various industries, have plagued businesses for years, particularly with ever-evolving technologies being embedded in the workplace. The issue has been exacerbated by the mass adoption of cloud technologies, brought on by the pandemic, and also the so-called 'great resignation' where people are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with their jobs.

Oracle's answer is an automated service that can handle the administrative burden of recruitment so that employers get the people they need, quickly.

For instance, it includes a feature that allows recruiters to create and promote open roles and recruitment events via the Oracle Recruiting job portal. The idea here is to make it easy for recruiters to create event listings, registration pages, and pre-screening questionnaires for specific job requisitions.

There is also a two-way messaging function where recruiters can send and receive text and email messages from candidates through Oracle Recruiting. This appears to hinge on candidates (and employers) having Oracle Recruiting as a preferred communications channel, but it does promise to speed up interactions and make the process more personal.

Oracle Recruiting Booster will also come with its own digital assistant (Oracle Digital Assistant) that will help to communicate with candidates in a 'conversational manner' from any device. Oracle Digital Assistant is an existing Oracle program that will have new capabilities for the Recruiting Booster, such as event notifications and interview scheduling.

What's more, the assistant can also conduct its own candidate surveys and automate certain administrative parts of the hiring process.

"Candidates seeking new opportunities want a simple, easy-to-use, and engaging recruiting process that meets them where they are and doesn't drag out," said Nagaraj Nadendla, senior vice president of product development, Oracle Cloud HCM.

"Oracle Recruiting Booster will help our customers successfully hire talent quickly and efficiently with an optimised candidate experience."

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