Google Cloud’s sustainability expansion offers new solutions for businesses with green ambitions

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Google Cloud has bolstered its ‘Google Cloud Ready – Sustainability’ programme with 12 new partners, adding a range of solutions that span the likes of fleet routing, air quality management, and water scarcity.

The expansion enhances Google Cloud’s capabilities and simplifies the adoption of technologies such as Google Earth Engine and BigQuery, which the company says will ultimately help customers lower their carbon footprints.

“We introduced the Google Cloud Ready – Sustainability designation earlier this year to showcase those partners committed to help global businesses and governments accelerate their sustainability programmes,” said Denise Pearl, sustainability/geo ISV, partnerships at Google Cloud.

“Today, we’re pleased to announce growth of the Google Cloud Ready – Sustainability programme, with 12 new partners joining the initiative and bringing their climate, ESG, and sustainability platforms to Google Cloud.”

These new partners include Aclima, which aims to diagnose and track air health and climate-changing pollution, aerospace giant Airbus, predictive analytics platform Atlas AI, as well as BlueSky Resources, which is used to analyse the correlation of emissions insights to assets and activities.

Joining them are Electricity Maps, which provides companies with actionable data quantifying the carbon intensity and origin of electricity, FlexiDAO’s end-to-end carbon-free energy platform, clean energy marketplace LevelTen Energy, as well as Ren’s SaaS platform for connecting companies to energy supply chains.


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Sidewalk Labs is another addition, a company that builds products to aid sustainability in real estate and city planning. Joining it is weather and climate security platform, geospatial developer platform UP42, as well as the sustainable innovation platform Woza, too.

These new partners join Google Cloud Ready – Sustainability’s existing pool of partners, which includes the likes of CARTO, Climate Engine, Geotab, NGIS, and Planet Labs PBC.

In its announcement, Google Cloud said the programme remains open to further applications from companies with a partner solution that delivers “quantifiable results for climate migration, adaptation, or reporting needs”.

The tech giant requests that partners must be available on Google Cloud, address ESG standards, demonstrate repeatability, and meet its application development best practices.

Companies must also have Google Cloud Carbon Footprint Reporting enabled, as well as have at least one public customer case study available.

“Together, Google Cloud sustainability partners can deliver platforms that are helping businesses and governments accelerate progress aligned to their environmental goals,” Pearl added.

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