Offering the right Skype for business solutions

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With more than 480 million registered percent users, Skype offers tremendous potential for businesses. Skype has indicated that over 30 percent of its user base utilises Skype for business, to enhance communications and reduce costs. The large global Skype user base also provides a very attractive B2C opportunity, allowing interaction and driving sales opportunities with millions of potential customers.

This in turn gives you a real opportunity to upsell existing customers, and target new ones. But how do you help them capitalise on Skype and what’s the best approach to bringing it into their business? That depends on what telecoms & telephony gear is already installed.

Maximising the use of existing infrastructures to minimise outlay and get the fastest return on investment makes sense, so let’s look at some typical existing business comms deployments – and the best approach to Skype deployment in each case, to help you in the sales process.


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