Microsofts extends Surface Hub reseller programme

Man pointing to a screen on the wall of a boardroom with his colleagues sitting at the table

Microsoft has partnered with 15 UK resellers to help push sales of its Surface Hub, as the smart collaboration whiteboard and video-conferencing tool arrives in the UK.

Surface Hub is a large touchscreen for video-conferencing and collaboration, with Office 365, Skype and other key apps built in. The 84in edition starts from £21,000, though there's also a smaller 55in version.

Microsoft has specifically chosen to work with experts with experience in audio-visual and unified communications systems to sell the specialised device.

"The Surface Hub ecosystem is growing every day, and our partners play an essential role in that growth by helping organisations implement new, innovative workplace collaboration strategies and communicate with colleagues across geographies," says Danielle Crayton, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Microsoft UK.

Alongside expertise in collaboration and comms, the resellers will have Microsoft support, sales tools, marketing and training materials to help sell and deploy the Surface Hub.

"Our ambition at Capita is to bring end users’ experience into the 21st century and embrace the developing role of multimedia technology to support and enable all employees," said Paul Morris, MD, Capita, Intelligent Buildings Practice. "We offer customised audio-visual systems that encompass and deliver seamless collaboration, maximise content delivery and increase productivity within any environment. Surface Hub is a key component of our offering to clients."

Microsoft said the Surface Hub was in use by 2,000 customers - up from 500 last July. "Surface Hub is a new breed of collaboration tool, designed to unlock the power of any group and their ideas in real time," Crayton added. "This ultimately leads to better solutions and results, regardless of whether teams are in the same room or spread across the globe."