Morpheus Data introduces channel incentives to boost sales

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Morpheus Data has unveiled new channel initiatives to maximise the partner opportunity with an enhanced partner programme and accelerated partner enablement.

The company's biggest announcement is that it will add a $250,000 back-end cash rebate for high-achieving gold-tier channel partners that generate at least $2.5M in revenue in the next 6 months, named "the Big Spiff."

Morpheus anticipates this will work as a key motivator for channel leaders, encouraging them to focus their attentions on the more lucrative cloud and software sectors as hardware sales continue to wane. However, it's keeping schtum on what else partners must do to achieve the rebate, but those who are interested are advised to contact the company directly to find out more information.

“As a container-native platform, which also includes support for Kubernetes and Docker Swarm, Morpheus was proud of the result and encouraged to see more customers aggressively shifting to next generation multi-cloud management,” says Brad Parks, vice president of business development at Morpheus Data.

Morpheus has also revealed its Morpheus Verified Professional (MVP) programme, launched a short time ago, has already resulted in the certification of 24 new solution providers, pushing the company's CloudOps and DevOps solutions forwards.

“Modern cloud management products need to fully focus on automating and optimizing DevOps and application management processes. Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) named Morpheus an EMA Top 3 vendor due to the product’s ability to tie together the DevOps toolchain, IT operations solutions, and private and public cloud resources,” says Torsten Volk, managing research director at EMA.

Clare Hopping
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