Konica Minolta launches new Remote Support solution

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Konica Minolta has unveiled its new Remote Support solution, designed to help resellers and partners better support customers from afar and resolve any issues regarding their Konica printing devices.

The IT services firm has provided direct customers with remote support for seven years, racking up 70,000 remote sessions during 2019 alone. Building on this experience, Konica has worked with ISL Online to develop a remote offering that will help resolve more partners' IT issues.

With the inclusion of the ISL Online screen share solution, the firm says both remote administration and remote service are now possible via the web or dedicated app – helping improve support at a time where COVID-19 continues to disrupt usual business operations.

The packages also offer an unlimited number of supporters, with a limit of one active session at a time per package.

"We can now effectively resolve as many as 80% of all issues remotely, and we are keen to provide this capability to our Partners by offering them this valuable tool," commented Nick Ranson, UK director of Value-Added Services at Konica Minolta. "Working with ISL Online makes it possible for us to provide our Partners with this solution at a very competitive price.

"Branded in a Konica Minolta design, the appearance of the remote service solution reflects the authenticity of this solution to our dealer' customers."

To further support resellers and distributors, Konica Minolta has also recently released an open beta version of additional remote visual support tool AIRe Link. The cloud-based solution enables a technical specialist to see exactly what their customer sees, using the camera on the customer’s smartphone or tablet.

The offering enables issues to be identified faster, meaning many problems can be entirely resolved remotely, the firm says.

"COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation and associated changes to how we work," said Cameron Mitchell, Partner Channel Business Unit leader at Konica Minolta. "Remote support will become a key feature of the new normal to allow our Partner community support their customers safely and diagnose remotely, as well as increase flexibility for both customers and employees.

"The demand for flexible working is likely to be there long after the pandemic is over, and Konica Minolta is at the forefront of providing the tools to support this."

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