Fortinet expands AI security range with FortiAI

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Cybersecurity provider Fortinet has announced FortiAI, an on-premise appliance that uses self-learning Deep Neural Networks (DNN) to tackle threats faster and more accurately.

Developed by Fortinet's FortiGuard Labs, FortiAI's Virtual Security Analyst embeds cyber security artificial intelligence directly into an organisation's network to deliver sub-second detection of advanced threats.

Ultimately, the solution addresses the growing number of challenges faced by security professionals, the firm explained, which include the increasing sophistication of cybercriminals, the ever-expanding attack surface, as well as the current skills gap in the cyber security industry.

By leveraging Deep Neural Networks (DNN), FortiAI makes complex decisions based on its scientific analysis of threats specific to the organisation where it is deployed.

This approach enables better protection thanks to automation of manual investigations and classifications, a decrease in the time organisations are exposed to threats, as well as a significant reduction of false positives, the firm said.

"Fortinet has invested heavily in FortiGuard Labs cloud-based AI-driven threat intelligence, allowing us to detect more threats, more quickly and more accurately," commented John Maddison, EVP of products and CMO of Fortinet. "FortiAI takes the artificial intelligence knowledge from FortiGuard Labs and packages it specifically for on-premises deployments.

"This gives customers the power of FortiGuard Labs directly in their environment, with self-learning AI to identify, classify and investigate sophisticated threats in sub-seconds."

FortiAI also offers on-premises AI suitable for businesses that have air-gapped networks, such as operational technology environments, government agencies and some large enterprises that adhere to strict compliance regulations. The solution's self-learning AI model does not require internet connectivity to learn and mature – allowing closed environments or strict security policies to stay ahead of threats, Fortinet said.

FortiAI joins the provider's existing range of artificial intelligence-based security offerings that make up the Fortinet Security Fabric – including FortiGuard Labs, FortiSandbox, FortiEDR, FortiInsight, FortiWeb and FortiSIEM.

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