Purechannels launches next-generation Viewpoint platform


Dedicated sales and marketing specialist Purechannels has announced the launch of Viewpoint, a next-gen platform that has been designed to help IT vendors better communicate with their channel partners.

In an announcement, the firm said the initiative reflects the need to tailor content based on a partner’s requirements, as well as embraces the importance of partner experience (PX).

Viewpoint aims to ensure vendor updates and other content is based on partner preference and allows vendors to create, curate and aggregate all types of content in real-time. It also allows partners to access and consume this content when they and however they want, Purechannels added.

“For years now partner comms have been the same – rushing around at the end of the month to cram together a newsletter full of ‘news’ that is sent out to everyone,” explained Glenn Robertson, CEO of Purechannels. “When the world of communication has changed so much, why hasn’t the way vendors communicate with their partners?”

The new programme is a response to how the IT channel has changed over the last two years, having been forced to adapt quickly to a new way of engaging with both customers and vendors.

“We believe that the way vendors and distributors communicate with their partners needs to move on – because the way we consume information has moved on,” Robertson continued.

Viewpoint offers vendors a chance to replace the conventional newsletter with a way to communicate in a time and relevant manner, Purechannels explained.

Partners can now choose how they are notified when new vendor content appears: either by email, text message, or desktop and device notifications. The platform can also deliver news directly via user enabled Slack channels.

“We are going beyond newsletters and the one-directional push of vendor content,” Robertson added. “Viewpoint embraces partner choice, enabling them to consume the content they want, when and how they want to.

“It replaces the single dimension of vendor-push and celebrates the multi-choice model of the partner-pull.”

Daniel Todd

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