Tech Nation relaunch looks to support industry with £10 billion in funding

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Tech industry figures have welcomed the relaunch of Tech Nation just months after its high profile collapse.

The revitalized tech sector champion will operate as part of the Founders Forum Group and plans to continue acting as a bridge between industry and government. 

Announced today at Birmingham Tech Week by Carolyn Dawson, CEO of Founders Forum Group, Tech Nation will continue running some of its previous startup growth programs.  

Dawson told attendees the organization plans to facilitate over £10 billion in support funding over the next five years and will launch a new community scheme for disabled founders.

Tech Nation will also continue to act as the endorsing body for applications through the Global Talent visa scheme. To date, the scheme has supported thousands of overseas tech founders to establish roots across the country. 

Wayne Johnson, CEO and co-founder of Encompass Corporation said the relaunch is a welcome move that will continue to offer vital support for entrepreneurs and tech founders across the UK. 

“The relaunch of Tech Nation is a positive step for the UK’s technology industry as it collectively goes after ambitious growth goals,” he said. “This will be particularly encouraging for the entrepreneurs and business owners who will benefit from the support, collaboration, and spotlight that such a network brings.”

“This collaboration must be fostered and promoted, and Tech Nation will act as an example, helping to drive the development of the solutions that are imperative to key industries today, such as financial services.”


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Johnson added that the relaunch will play a key role in maintaining a central knowledge and support hub for tech founders as the UK looks to build on its global standing as a tech “powerhouse”.

"London recently being highlighted as a global technology investment powerhouse underlines the UK's potential, and having a hub to access knowledge and resources is vital to maximizing this and supporting businesses at the forefront of critical innovation.”

Tech Nation’s rapid demise

Tech Nation officially closed its doors on March 31 this year after critical government funding was terminated in January. 

The UK government cut funding for the Digital Growth grant program after it deemed Barclays Eagle Labs to be a more suitable choice to continue leading sector support schemes.  

At the time, the DCMS, now the DSIT, claimed that Barclays Eagle Labs offered “better value for taxpayer money”.  

The move was met with criticism from tech industry figures. In March, several founders told ITPro they had serious concerns about the future of startup support in the UK following the DCMS’ decision.  

The government’s decision to back Barclays Eagle Labs wasn’t completely scorned among founders and industry stakeholders, however.  

The tech incubator organization made clear its intention to support startups across the breadth of the UK in response to long-running complaints that UK tech support was too “London-centric”.  

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