The IT Pro Podcast: Building cloud-native apps

The IT Pro Podcast title card

The cloud is eating enterprise IT, and while on-premise applications are going to be around for a long time to come, the importance of being able to successfully take advantage of cloud technologies should not be understated. However, it’s one thing to simply port an existing application to the cloud, but developing software to be run in cloud environments is a different matter altogether.

In this week’s episode, Adam and guest host Keumars Afifi-Sabet talk to Red Hat senior solutions architect Erica Langhi, to find out how organisations need to adjust their thinking when developing for the cloud, which tools and processes are best-suited to the task, and how new technologies like containers and microservices are making the job easier than ever.

Elsewhere, we also discuss the ‘Fujiwhara’ of patches that IT professionals have been hit with this week, the public spat between Slack and Microsoft Teams, and the ongoing clash over the government’s controversial digital services tax.






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