IBM adds automation and data management to its hybrid cloud software

IBM logo on a brown background

IBM has updated its Cloud Pak for Data and Cloud Pak for Automation platforms, which help businesses better manage and automate data-intensive processes through integrated data and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

"Cloud Pak offerings are integrated with AI and give companies a consistent experience from Pak to Pak," said Michael Gilfix, vice president and chief product officer of Cloud Paks at IBM. "And because they run on Red Hat OpenShift, clients can deploy and manage them on any cloud environment, be it on-premises, and/or public cloud. With today's announcements, we're driving automation and data management capabilities even farther across the enterprise."

From software provisioning and patching to data discovery and document processing, the updates will help businesses streamline critical operations across increasingly diverse cloud environments.

Here’s a quick rundown of the updates:

Cloud Pak for Data:

  • New industry accelerators for banking, warranty management, supply chain forecasting and retail business lines
  • Watson Machine Learning Accelerator (WML-A) as a deep learning service to optimize training models and monitor workloads
  • Quick scan will perform more scalable automatic data discovery to support deeper analytics and generate more insightful outcomes
  • Auto AI now supports multiple data sources for training, enabling users to build a unified data set for Auto AI experiments

Cloud Pak for Automation:

  • Automation document processing to accurately design, configure and deploy document classification and extraction for any document type and format
  • Process mining capabilities from myInvenio (Cognitive Technology) to help identify the most impactful areas of business and IT to automate
  • Robotic process automation (RPA) capabilities from IBM's acquisition of WDG Automation to quickly identify more granular opportunities for automation, including tasks that have many steps

What’s more, myInvenio also announced it’s entered a strategic business partnership with IBM to offer operational resiliency to businesses aiming for faster, data-driven automation implementation.

"Since the beginning of the myInvenio journey, we have focused our vision and R&D effort on providing the best solution for continuous process improvement and automation," said Massimiliano Delsante, CEO, myInvenio. "The integration of myInvenio into the IBM Cloud Pak for Automation fulfills this vision by providing a unified solution for hyperautomation and operational resiliency management. This is a great opportunity for our clients."

Emphasizing its powerful integration with IBM, myInvenio added that Italian bank Credem has analyzed and streamlined more than 50 processes using myInvenio process mining with IBM Cloud Pak for Automation, inching closer to its goal of 400.

IBM’s Cloud Pak for Data solution is now available on Tech Data's Stream One and Red Hat marketplaces.