DXC and VMware extend partnership with public cloud offering

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger
(Image credit: Jane McCallion / Dennis Publishing)

DXC has become one of the first VMware partners to offer the virtualisation company's latest cloud-based product, VMware Cloud on AWS.

The new product was announced at VMware's annual VMworld US conference and will, the company claims, help accelerate customers' move to hybrid cloud and digital transformation efforts.

VMware Cloud on AWS is powered by VMware Cloud Foundation and, according to VMware, offers "a complete set of software-defined services for compute, storage, networking and security in a single integrated stack, running on elastic, bare-metal AWS infrastructure".

DXC will offer the new product through its Hybrid Cloud Service, which also includes private cloud services based on VMware products like vSAN and vSphere, portability of workloads between VMware-powered private clouds and VMware Cloud on AWS public cloud, and various cloud management services.

Stephen Hilton, executive vice president of global delivery at DXC Technology, said: "Increasingly, clients want to accelerate the use of the public cloud for both core and emerging applications, yet there have been real barriers that impede adoption and progress.

"By combining VMware's hybrid cloud offerings with DXC cloud services and industry expertise, we provide our clients the choice of both on-premises and cloud solutions on existing virtualized applications. This allows the business to make decisions based on cost, flexibility and availability that transcend the constraints of legacy datacenter and app hosting decisions."

VMware's CEO, Pat Gelsinger, added: "VMware and DXC have a long-standing history of building, selling and delivering next-generation technology services to enable the digital transformation journey of our mutual clients."

"DXC's Digital Transformation Services enabled by VMware's hybrid cloud services platforms will provide a consistent set of day-zero through day-two operations that delivers governance, security, visibility and control independent of how customers' applications are built and where they run."

Jane McCallion
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