Distie Westcoast launches cloud partner programme

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Westcoast has released details of its new cloud partner programme that has been designed to provide long-term support for the company's existing channel.

The Cloud Development Programme comprises six different areas with targets in each - Activate, Automate, Educate, Embrace, Share and Nurture. Partners can earn stars by hitting targets across these areas, with those achieving four-star status offering the most experience across the Westcoast portfolio of cloud solutions.

Partners can join the scheme at any level, as long as they hit the criteria expected of them in each stage.

“The beauty of the Westcoast Cloud Development programme is that it’s ideally suited for all of our partners," Mark Davies, Westcoast’s Cloud Services director said. "It doesn’t matter what size they are, whether they are new to cloud, or they’re a more established CSP provider, there’s a great opportunity here for everyone.”

Benefits of the Westcoast Cloud Development Programme include enhanced rewards and benefits to make it more profitable for resellers to sell to end users.

For example, the first star level gives resellers access to business planning in the Activate area, marketplace walk through with site visit in Automate, Dynamics 365 tutoring, access to online seminars and event days in the Educate stream, access to all cloud vendors, help in achieving Microsoft core competencies in Embrace, access to cheat sheets, use of the solutions lab and quality for entry to the Big Pitch Marketing Funding in Share, while in Nurture, tier one resellers can take advantage of Westcoast's tech demos on some services and Knowledge Base and Zendesk.

The higher the tier, the more benefits a partner will get, with tier four resellers gaining a meeting with a Westcoast cloud director, billing integration via an API, online training for up to 10 new starters a year, a white label demo platform, a meal at a Michelin starred restaurant and up to three Microsoft Accreditation exams paid per quarter.

“From helping to automate cloud services to addressing specific business needs, Westcoast is committed to helping all our partners on their cloud journeys with this programme," Davies added. "It’s yet another example of Westcoast leading the way in cloud enablement. I believe initiatives like this are a lot to do with why Westcoast is number one for CSP in the country.”

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