Teneo and Riverbed unite on VaaS

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Teneo and Riverbed have teamed up on a Visibility-as-a-Service (VaaS) solution that they say will help businesses gain complete visibility over their entire infrastructure, including applications, network and end-user performance. It also offers key insights to help IT decision makers solve problems faster than before, they claimed.

The solution, delivered by systems integrator Teneo and developed by Riverbed, will be available 24/7, cutting down on any time it takes to solve issues with the business's infrastructure and thereby ensuring there's no interruption to customer experience.

“As they digitise operations or adopt wider cloud models, CIOs often struggle to maintain visibility of key application performance and enhance their customers’ experience," Marc Sollars, CTO at Teneo, said. "Senior IT executives are making vital networking decisions based on sprawling data, or cobbled-together performance dashboards, knowing they either lack the in-house skills or the team resources to get the best out of today’s cutting-edge monitoring tools."

He added the platform will offer business leaders a "'right-sizing’ approach", with end-to-end performance visibility and a variety of levels to match the business's needs.

"With our bespoke service, CIOs can drive up their performance insight levels or speed up troubleshooting without committing to extra capital outlay or having to redeploy their already hard-pressed IT teams,” he said.

As well as speeding up the process of problem detection it will also cut costs to the enterprise, with only the costs of a Teneo engineer's time and the infrastructure used.

Four different service levels are offered, to suit different types of business. For example, at level 1 , Teneo will manage the customer's monitoring tools and the customer will self-serve, while at level 4, customers will benefit from a real-time end user monitoring and troubleshooting function that has been designed for web, cloud and hybrid environments.

“In order to achieve a new level of customer intimacy and employee productivity, enterprises are aggressively investing in the digital transformation of their business models," Mike Sargent, senior vice president and general manager of SteelCentral at Riverbed, added. "But the stakes have gone up, and it’s absolutely critical for them to deliver a flawless digital experience."

He explained Riverbed and Teneo's VaaS offer a complete solution in the market, to help enterprises deliver a reliable and consistently high quality end user experience.

"Our ability to provide end-to-end insight, down to the individual transaction level, is unparalleled in the marketplace, and uniquely well suited to delivering the kind of end user experience they need to achieve their strategic goals,' he added.

Clare Hopping
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