Twilio buys former partner Ytica to boost Flex platform

Lady wearing telephone headset in contact centre

Twilio has announced the acquisition of ex-partner Ytica, allowing the cloud communications firm to offer a wider range of contact centre reporting, speech analytics and workforce optimisation (WFO) software as part of its Twilio Flex platform.

Ytica's platform offers business a better look at the efficiency of agency staff in the contact centre, including information about how they engage with their customers - very useful insights when a business is assessing the impact of its contact centre and analysing changes it can make to improve its service to customers.

Twilio said it wanted to buy Ytica because it provides a robust cloud architecture for the company to expand its offering upon and offers customisation - something vital in the enterprise software space.

“We’ve worked with many happy joint customers and knew that Ytica and Flex together could offer an enterprise-grade solution that is built for scale and far eclipses any other contact centre solution currently in the market," Al Cook, general manager of Twilio Flex said. "We’re thrilled to bring Ytica aboard team Twilio.”

Ytica's platform also offers the opportunity for businesses to offer feedback to contact centre staff, suggesting ways they can improve the way they connect with customers and making the department more productive. In fact, the insights taken from the software can provide vital insights to the entire organisation, informing everyone about performance

"The Ytica team has been at the forefront of WFO for the last 20 years,” said Šimon Vostrý, CEO and co-founder of Ytica. “We started Ytica to give contact centres complete visibility into their data, something unachievable with prior solutions, allowing managers to make informed and actionable decisions. Our philosophy on the future of contact centres and the architecture to get there aligns perfectly with Flex."

Neither company revealed the exact financials of the deal, although Twilio doesn't expect the purchase to have a "material impact" on the company's operations or financial position. It hasn't updated its projections for the financial year ending 31 December 2018, suggesting it didn't cost the company too much.

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