Capgemini partners with Autodesk on new BIM platform

A Capgemini office

Digital transformation firm Capgemini and 3D software design specialist Autodesk have announced a new partnership to deploy Reflect IoD, a new Building Information Modelling (BIM) platform for building and infrastructure operators.

Secure and cloud-enabled, the digital twin platform integrates natively to 1D and 3D, point cloud, geographical information and internet of things (IoT) data, while simultaneously offering value-added services for improved operations and maintenance.

Built upon Capgemini and Autodesk's respective expertise, Reflect IoD is designed to offer operators consistent services from handover to operations - including design reviews, progressive handover and commissioning, real-time diagnosis and inspections support, IoT alerting to prevent fluctuations, remote assistance and asset revamping.

The move also represents a step towards meeting the ever-growing needs of enterprises for standardised brownfields management for their entire lifecycle, the companies said.

"The essence of a digital twin is data-centric collaborations," said Jean-Pierre Petit, director of Digital Manufacturing at Capgemini. "Capgemini's agreement with Autodesk will provide BIM operators with a unique cloud-enabled and secured digital twin platform. This collaboration gathers a unique set of digital transformation skills and technologies."

Reflect IoD also boasts a number of integrations, including Autodesk Forge APIs and geographical information systems, as well as Capgemini solutions such as X-IoT for device management and Andy 3D for remote assistance and asset revamping on remote 3D.

Configurable to industry and project-specific requirements, the platform is adaptable to change following agile and incremental implementation, while Forge-based initiatives can also be supported and advanced thanks to Capgemini's Forge Systems Integrator certification.

"Autodesk is committed to enabling the value of BIM for the entire building lifecycle, from design through operations," commented Nicolas Mangon, vice president of AEC Strategy and Marketing at Autodesk. "Our partnership with Capgemini offers an exciting opportunity for operators to capture and derive more value from digital data created during design, construction, and operations to more efficiently manage their portfolios."

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